Just Strike The Rock

I was a dedicated journal writer… the traditional notebook-and-pen tandem was the companion to my usually timid self, whose thoughts want an outlet into the world. But writing opinions and realizations without sharing is like being a little bit selfish. I want to have my thoughts known.

It was a scary idea to share the intimate details and private thoughts of mine, then the task of setting up a personalized blog is daunting for a non-techie person. Then the maintenance of the site. I have so many ideas, opinions, realizations: while on the train, while walking, while doing chores, while taking a break. Thing is, life’s too busy, too hurried, that I have to attend to the essentials, and by the time I’ve got to sit in front of the PC, the thoughts have flown away. They are nearly all gone.

I want to share my thoughts to the world. But I cannot. I’ve created blogs in the past, but not one lasted. I want to do this. I want to share what inspired me, infuriated me, piqued my interest. I would like to make this endeavor fruitful.

As what I’ve read in a daily devotional, there are always two workers in every fruitful work: willing persons and a faithful God. As Moses followed God and struck the rock so water could flow for the Israelites to drink, people just has to do it, and God will do the rest.

So, I’ve struck the rock.


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